Legal aspects of linked data

We have recently published a work analyzing the European legal framework for the publication and consumption of linked data.

In our paper Legal aspects of linked data – The European framework, published by the journal Computer Law & Security Review, the readers interested on publishing or consuming linked data on the web will find all the necessary information on the legal aspects, presented in a clear, concise manner following a practical approach rich in examples.

Twitter coverage of solar eclipse

RESTful Web Service to get the text of well-known licenses

The licensius site provides technologies to support smart licensing.

Licensius includes a set of HTTP RESTful Web Services. One of them retrieves programmatically the text of 179 well-known licenses.
You can read the full documentation in the testeable swagger.
Nevertheless this post comments the steps towards getting the text of a license.

Test applications

Ultimately I have been publishing some services online.
This simple post lists them and also shows if they are alive (see the simple but interesting Javascript inside)


A Linked Term Bank of Copyright-Related Terms

A Term Bank of copyright-related terms has been published as Linked Data. It can que queried and browsed here.

Guidelines diagram for licensing Linked Data

This is a simplified diagram to follow when publishing Licensed Linked Data


License declaration in vocabularies

Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) collects curated vocabularies in RDF and exposes them with an API and SPARQL endpoint.
As of today, 469 vocabularies are in the database. The raw file can be downloaded with the metadata (a TTL file) or a big dump with all the vocabularies contained (as a handy .nquads file).


RDF Transcode in Windows Explorer context menu

Today I have programmed a tool that offers a context menu in Windows 7 to transcode an RDF file along the different syntaxes as long as to verify its validity. In one click!

It converts from-to the following sytnaxes: RDF/XML, TURTLE, NTRIPLES, NQUADS and HDT.
It is a Windows 7 tool. After all, Linux users have plenty of equivalent tools to enjoy from their command line.

Until I move the project to github, you may want to download the installer here.


License discovery service for RDF documents

This post describes a service to discover the license in a RDF file (ontology, dataset, etc.).

The service is available by providing the URI (see Service #1 at but it is also provided as a RESTful service, very easy to be invoked:

The name of the service is as follows:



Levels of rights information

The Web is an almost inexhaustible source of resources. With an internet connection we are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. However, we cannot freely use any resource online, unless we know we are authorised to. For example:



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