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Legal aspects of linked data

We have recently published a work analyzing the European legal framework for the publication and consumption of linked data.

In our paper Legal aspects of linked data – The European framework, published by the journal Computer Law & Security Review, the readers interested on publishing or consuming linked data on the web will find all the necessary information on the legal aspects, presented in a clear, concise manner following a practical approach rich in examples.

Twitter coverage of solar eclipse

RESTful Web Service to get the text of well-known licenses

The licensius site provides technologies to support smart licensing.

Licensius includes a set of HTTP RESTful Web Services. One of them retrieves programmatically the text of 179 well-known licenses.
You can read the full documentation in the testeable swagger.
Nevertheless this post comments the steps towards getting the text of a license.

A Linked Term Bank of Copyright-Related Terms

A Term Bank of copyright-related terms has been published as Linked Data. It can que queried and browsed here.

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