RDF Transcode in Windows Explorer context menu

Today I have programmed a tool that offers a context menu in Windows 7 to transcode an RDF file along the different syntaxes as long as to verify its validity. In one click!

It converts from-to the following sytnaxes: RDF/XML, TURTLE, NTRIPLES, NQUADS and HDT.
It is a Windows 7 tool. After all, Linux users have plenty of equivalent tools to enjoy from their command line.

Until I move the project to github, you may want to download the installer here.

Download SetupRDFTools.exe (7 Mb, Windows 64 bits)

Download SetupRDFTools.exe (7 Mb, Windows 32 bits)

I hope you enjoy it!

Technical notes:

I have used quite a few tools to build this project.

  • A Java project to make the conversion, built over Jena/HDT
  • A nice wrapper, JSMooth, capable of producing EXE files from JAR files
  • A Win32 C++ project to build a DLL. This DLL hooks its functionality in the Windows Explorer, invoking the EXE file as needed
  • An NSIS script, so that the DLL is registered, the files are smoothly installed the DLL knows where to find the EXE