Guidelines diagram for licensing Linked Data

This is a simplified diagram to follow when publishing Licensed Linked Data


Levels of rights information

The Web is an almost inexhaustible source of resources. With an internet connection we are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. However, we cannot freely use any resource online, unless we know we are authorised to. For example:


How O is the LOD cloud? (revisited)

This post updates the analysis of the licensing practices in the datasets in the LOD cloud. Different snapshots of this reality were taken in 2009, in 2012 and 2013, which I summarized in a previous post. This is the LOD cloud diagram coloured by type of license:


RDFLicense: a dataset of licenses in RDF

RDFLicense is a dataset of 126 licenses (suitable for general works, data, etc.) expressed as RDF. The official URI of the dataset is:

While the dataset is also accesible at datahub:


Why you should license your ontology

I have been asked this question and I am pleased to give my answer here.
Not the least of the reasons, is the AMOR manifesto highlighting this need.


ODRL 2.0

The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) Ontology has been released as a Draft!

Check it out and provide comments!


How to license content stylishly

If you have to license something, I bet it is because you own the intellectual property rights of a certain content (image, video, text...), you want to publish it (most likely in the Internet) and you do care about your rights. If so, this post is for you.

I also bet there is a link in a webpage pointing to the resource. In such a case you should.



Linked Data Rights vocabulary

Following the work done here, the new vocabulary Linked Data Rights has been published.
It supersedes the first attempt, done in August...

The schema is as follows:

Examples of use

To declare an ontology licensed as CC-BY

You don't need LDR.


An Observatory for the use of Licenses in Linked Data

Automatically discovering how Linked Data is being licensed is an idea key to determine how automatic tools should query for data licenses.
The key concepts are explained in these Ten nice slides


Vocabularies for licenses

This post describes existing vocabularies for expressing licenses.

1. License placeholders

License for a Linked Data dataset can be specified within the data, or outside of it, for example in a HTML document linking the data.
If the license is specified as RDF, Dublin Core license or other elements can be used, pointing to a well known license



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