These are the personal web pages of Vi­ctor Rodri­guez Doncel.

Cosas buenas stands for good things in Spanish and it represents a bunch of connected ideas you may find of interest, and you might recombine at will. Like Lego pieces.

This is not a very much visited blog. Sucessful bloggers write on the last version of Windows, the new Apple gadget or the latest hot news. News, news, news... Rather, this blog:

  • inquiries the steady reality, trying to pay attention to the rule instead of to the exception. So, no shocking videos showing oddities, no captivating images nor animated GIFs. Rather, some ideas mostly in text -- quite a inappropriate form for the Web. Let's simplify, and just play with a reduced set of Lego bricks;
  • informs about the results of my research work.

The first post in this site explains its history.